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The EPayment portal will be closed for the following periods for the remainder of 2018





Jan, 31 5:00 PM

Feb 1 5:00 PM


Feb 28 5:00 PM

Mar 1 5:00 PM


Mar 31 5:00 PM

Apr 7 5:00 PM


APR 30 5:00 PM

May 1 5:00 PM


May 31 5:00 PM

Jun 1 5:00 PM


Jun 30 5:00 PM

Jul 3 5:00 PM


Jul 31 5:00 PM

Aug 1 5:00 PM


Aug 31 5:00 PM

Sep 1 5:00 PM


Sep 30 5:00 PM

Oct 2 5:00 PM


Oct 31 5:00 PM

Nov 1 5:00 PM


Nov 30 5:00 PM

Dec 1 5:00 PM

Dec 31 5:00 PM

Jan 2 5:00 PM

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You will now use an email address as your User Name instead of your Dealer ID. The email address that you set your account up with is now your User Name. Your password is unchanged. Also, if you have an account with both Gibson Guitar as well as Baldwin, you will be prompted to choose which account you wish to log into. If you are unsure of your credentials, please see the link “Forgot Credentials”, Type in your Dealer ID and either GMI or BPI, we will send an email to the address we have associated to your account with your login information.

Please e-mail with any problems or issues.

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